Recruiting Interview with Jack Pedersen

Written by Ryan Wright 

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From any vantage point, the 2019 season was an amazing run on the gridiron for Class of 2022 tight end Jack Pedersen. The 6-4, 245-pound, tight end earned first team All-Southwest League and All-CIF honors as his Vista Murrieta High School squad posted an 8-4 run against California Division 1/2 competition. His play as a every down talent on offense propelled his recruiting status to that of a four-star with 11 offers coming his way. The offseason has seen no slack in effort put forth, Pedersen has been working out six days a week mixing up his strength and conditioning with position specific training on the field.

Taking another visit to the RNG Lab, Pedersen stops by for a quick Q&A to talk about his workouts and recruiting process covering the spring and summer months.

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Jack, we spoke a couple of months ago then covering the focus for your workouts as a tight end going forward. How do you feel the offseason workouts are coming along?

“They are going great. I actually started this new program, overspeed training. We are on treadmills twice a week doing that now.”

Tell us about that. What is overspeed training?

“You get on a treadmill, clip into it, and then go at different speeds and degrees. You might get on at a 15-degree incline running 15 miles per hour.”

Sounds challenging. Where are you showing the biggest improvements in your skills with the offseason work?

“I feel using those treadmills have helped me to be more explosive and I am crafting my skills at local parks.”

Beyond the treadmills, what are some of the drills you are doing to improve your explosiveness and agility?

“Field workouts, treadmills twice a week, and footwork drills twice a week with my other trainer. And I am doing a lot of ladders.”

How have you been adding muscle and strength to your game this spring and summer?

“This offseason I have been hitting the weight room about six times a week during this quarantine. I have added a lot of muscle, bulked up for the spring. Once camp starts, I should lose some weight.”

Given all the time in the weight room this offseason, have you maxed out?

“Yes. My power clean is 290, bench is 280, and my squat is 385.”

Nice. Have you been watching any next level players to learn more about playing tight end? If so, who are you watching and what are you seeking to learn from them?

“I have watched a few college programs, like Hunter Bryant (Washington) and Stanford’s tight ends watching their in-line blocking and how they are getting vertical.”

In April you thought there might be a chance of you playing some defense this year. Do you have an update on that?

“Not sure on that yet. Our main focus is trying to figure out our weight room schedule having a team focus; they cancelled our summer camps for all of July.”

Let’s dive into some recruiting. Which schools are showing interest?

“UCLA, Florida State, Stanford, Northwestern and Wisconsin.”

How many offers do you have now?


Which program was the last to offer?

“Kansas was the latest.”

Pedersen’s Offer Sheet: Arkansas, Cal, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, Utah, and Washington

As you talk to the various college coaches, what are they telling you they like about your skills?

“They like my in-line block and how I am getting vertical. A lot of programs believe that is important.”

Once the campuses open back up, do you have any visits you may take?

“I’d love to see as many campuses as I can to make up for the lost time this spring. I’d like to visit Corvallis to see Oregon State, to Salt Lake City to see Utah, to Arkansas, and I’d like to try to visit East Lansing, Wisconsin, UCLA, and Stanford. I know I cannot get them all, but hopefully by next spring I can take some more visits.”

A quick turn to academics. What was your cumulative GPA at the end of the spring semester?

“My GPA is a 4.1.”

Last question. What goals have you set personal and/or team orientated going forward?

“I want to take a league championship and I want to be seen as a leader on the field. Statistically, I want 400 receiving yards, ton of pancakes, and to win with my bothers as a team.”

Jack, thanks for your time today and good luck with the rest of your workouts this summer.

“Thank you.”